Dearly Departed Peeps

My Bichon Frise, named “Peeps” after the cute Easter confections, left us this past summer. Along the path to caring for her — she had many medical problems — I often thought about how I would celebrate her life when she ceased to be in this tangible world. Peeps lived to be 15, which could be considered a monumental achievement given her various health concerns. I feel very at peace knowing I did everything I could for her and that she absolutely knew she was loved. I recently took pen to virtual paper on the subject of Peeps. Definitely a piece for petlovers.


Beatles manager Brian Epstein endured the stigma of being both Jewish and gay




My article about Brian Epstein’s brilliant, yet lonely life, as a gay, Jewish man living in Liverpool in a time when homosexuality was a felony and Jews experienced significant anti-Semitism. I interviewed Broadway producer Vivek Tiwary, who wrote “The Fifth Beatle,” a graphic novel about Epstein and why he died so young, at age 32.

Meet the Fifth (Jewish) Beatle — Manager Brian Epstein

In a New Graphic Novel, Vivek Tiwary Tells the Tragic Story

For the Benefit of Mr. Epstein: In the 1960s in the UK, Jewish businessmen were not particularly common in the entertainment business.